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If you are looking for a home extension in the East Midlands, choose worcester architects. We specialise in all aspects of residential architecture including home extensions, loft conversions, new build properties, and garage conversions.

Our lead architect, Marissa, will take a look at your extension project and advise on its feasibility. You’ll also have the benefit of our extensive network of local tradespeople to help you through the project.

Because we are a small business, we guarantee that every project receives our personal attention, resulting in the highest quality work. Customer service is our top priority, and we always ensure that clients are completely satisfied with our high professional standards.

We’re proud of the home extensions that we’ve already designed and we have details of the home extensions that have been completed listed on our projects page.

We produce workable designs of the highest standard.

Benefits Of An Extension

There are many excellent reasons to invest in a home extension, and we are sure that you will enjoy the benefits.

If you find that your current property is too small but you cannot afford the expense, or do not want the hassle of moving, an extension is the perfect solution.

You can increase the size of your existing home at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new property, and without the stress of arranging a home move. One of the additional bonuses of extending your home is the positive effect on the value of your home should you choose to sell. An extension raises the value of your property and makes it more desirable to potential buyers.

If you are looking for a reliable architect to handle your extension in the Derby, Leicester or Nottingham area of the East Midlands, call worcester architects today on 01332 824 517, and we’ll be happy to offer our advice.

Single Storey Extensions

We’re able to plan and design for single storey extensions which can provide an excellent way of getting more space and expanding areas such as the kitchen. We’re able to take into account the character of your property and will work to ensure that the home extension is in keeping with that. We also aim to maximise the amount of natural light you get into the extension where possible, creating an enjoyable area of your home.

2 Storey Extensions/Double Storey Extensions

As well as offering single storey home extensions, we’re able to cater for customers that are looking to add a substantial amount of space to their home with a 2 storey extension. We’ll work with you to understand what the area will be used for and we can design a beautiful 2 storey extension to reflect this.

We’re experts in the design of home extensions and we have customers across Derby, Nottingham and Leicester that have implemented our home extension designs. Call us today on 01332 824 517 or 07963 780 532 and we’ll be happy to help you.


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